»Sit mens sana in Corpore sano« (Juvenal, Roman poet, 1st century AD)

That there may be a healthy mind in a healthy body

Mental fitness and physical well-being – if possible until old age – have for millennia been mankind's most profound desire.

Modern medicine can provide the means to achieve this goal:
The medical check-up is not only meant to diagnose existing illnesses, but first and foremost to help in the early detection of possible risk factors of vascular diseases, metabolic disorder and in the prevention of cancer.

Resulting from this check-up individual recommendations as to an improved diet, sporting activities and a healthier way of living in general will be given.

In the more than 15 years of experience in dealing with patients in my practice, the medical check-up has always constituted the main emphasis of my work as a specialist, with more than 20.000 checkups performed to this day. Designed after the latest diagnostic and therapeuthic findings these checkups are carried out with ultramodern equipment, following the principles of the Mayo-Clinic Check-up.

To what extent these examinations are carried out, is the result of an individual planning, taking into account the age, pre-existing condition, habits, individual risk factors and - last but not least - requests of the patient.