Metabolic balance

Metabolic Balance is based on a change in diet adjusted to your body's metabolism.

Metabolic balance is grounded on the fact that different enzymes are needed to digest different foods. In general, each body is able to produce these substances by itself. But this requires the necessary nutrients which need to be supplied by a specific diet.

When the hormones and enzymes are back in balance, the body will - through its internal signal system - be able to decide which foods and nutrients are needed to make sure the re-balanced metabolism can continue to work optimally.

We base our work on the improved version of the Federal Food Code, in which all currently available foods are listed with their complete ingredients. In addition, we add the personal information of our patients, such as height, age, gender, medical history, medications administered, but also personal preferences and food sensitivities that must be considered when creating an individual nutrition plan. On the basis of a comprehensive analysis of your blood values foods are selected that will provide you with the nutrients needed so as to re-balance your metabolism by restoring necessary enzymes and hormones.

Obviously, the food products which you have recently eaten a lot, will seldom or not at all appear on the list of advisable foods, since your metabolic system is well provided with these ingredients. It is rather going to be foods which you have seldom or not eaten at all that will appear on the list.

Metabolic balance means changing your metabolic system so as to make you feel more energetic and resourceful. And it is one of the many positive side effects that your body weight will be reduced to your desired weight.

But the aim should not only be weight reduction itself but also to improve on the negative side effects of obesity, such as reducing high blood pressure, eliminating incipient diabetes, and improving the blood lipid level with all its negative consequences.

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